About Mission

City is growing at a great pace. In the process of development the number of vehicle on the roads gets multifold. Now a days there is much load on the roads. The Structure of Gorakhpur city is changing and it feels very delightful for every Gorakhpurites. But in other context the regular siren of Ambulance creates a hustle in the body. Yes you got it right Accidents. Which is so frightening that the friend and family member gets anesthetic.

For solving such problem CodesGesture have started Digital Rakhdata Portal which is absolutely Free of Cost. There the donor will register with the Name, Mobile, Blood Group and address.

As a result the patient who is struggling for certain blood group donor can easily search the respective Donor. The Digital Rakhdata Portal the donor and receiver can easily tie a knot to get this divine work completed with no hurdles. Such an immediate response will definitely save many of the lives.

What is Exact Problem?

After accident there is a formidable problem. That is Blood Donor. The Family Members and Relatives are in touch with the patient but unfortunately the group doesn’t match with any of them and in certain situation in gets more terrible. Consequently the patient get no more.

Where the Inspiration Came from?

The Man behind the mission and Software Engineer by profession Rahul Mishra says “I am Blood Donor and a full proof team of Blood Donor is with me. Then also when is hear the news in the Newspaper that someone had died due to lack of Blood. It makes me worry enough and that is driving force behind such portal. I sit back with designer younger brother Vishaal Mishra, friend Siddhartha Tripathi and many more talented professional to create a team which work for this. And is results in Digital Raktdaata”

Lack of Awareness in Society

People cut off for being a Blood Donor because several myth are prevailing in the society. From health to Religion. Few people say that giving Blood will make me weak, few say that giving blood will make my body shortage of it. Some more say that my religion doesn’t allow me to do so. But apart from this the truth is different. From 18 years till 60 years you can give blood anytime just one thing in mind that the interval should be 90 days between two donations.

Digital Raktdata will do the Job

Blood cannot be manufactured in any industry. It only comes from donation. Just in Gorakhpur City is thousands of blood donor available. The thing is to drive them in proper orientation so that needy can easily find them. As Donor are regularly registering on the portal at a great pace. Now the portal have 100 Donor registered and the mission is to grow it to 10000 Donor within few months.

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